Make your Business simple @ I-NEXT

I-NEXT is the major Bulk Sms reseller company that offers Sms Short Code 56161 services to people who wish to send Bulk Sms in India. Sms Short Code India message is a new technique that assist in enhancing the reach of an organization. Through Short Codes a company is able to receive the reply from a huge amount of audience and also receive their views about its new products and services. All one has to do is to just type the keyword in the message box like you do on your phone and type the number 56161 press click to send, the leads automatically reaches to the campaigner and helps the campaigner and consumer to be connect, it can be used via bulk message push so as to reach thousands of users in one go. Bulk Sms Marketing is beating the regular ways of advertising and is bringing productive results to the companies using this service. In this shor code service the leads are being process in a panel and is also being forwarded to a certain mail id if required on real time basis. This also allows the campaigner to set a thanks massage to all who have shown interest in their service. This thanks massage can be changed n number of times by the campaigner and is a free sms. These leads come with certain information like area where the number is located, the zone of the number, operator details, ip address etc. We have made this short codes India application so easy and helpful so is fulfilling all maximum requirement of the end consumer. These short code numbers are having the capability of managing heavy quantity of reply messages in a single point of time as they are linked with pri lines which are having the heavy bandwidth so manage the load easily and constantly. This service is mainly used by real estate companies, tv shows, lead generation programmes, automobile industries etc