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QR Codes are the transastory media information captured in a small box displayed above are made to be easily featched by a mobile phone. QR Code is the short name for Quick Response. This mobility service has been originated from Japan where they are commonly used. These codes are used to save the large information in a small managed piece in the form of transitory media and can be captured in a mobile phone. We can see QR Codes commonly used on web pages, news papers, magazines advertisements etc. Once it is captured in a mobile one can get it saved and can see the slot of advertisement, along with the full info, web address location address and other details of a business. It is also widely used for movie prmotions. They are widely used due to reason that they can store much data as in comparision with the standard barcode, they store the data in a digital format, it programmes url links, pictures, geo coordinates, and text. The key feature of QR Codes is that it is the most usefull and can be managed with the handheld mobile, and no other special device is required to fetch the information from them.